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 SEP研究会(標準必須特許 SEP Study Group Japan)

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June 19  USPTOとUKPTOがSEPに関する覚書締結 SEP MoU between USPTO and UKPTO
June 13 (講演) 「中国に於けるSEP 動向」資料 Shan Jiao弁護士
June 9  UPC(欧州統一特許裁判所)一周年(その2)Panasonic case among 5 major cases
June 8 UPC(欧州統一特許裁判所)一周年(その1)UPC One year anniversary(Part1)
June 3 ACT v. OPPO中国最高人民法院での判決紹介 ACT v. OPPO in SPC(China)

May 28  NEC v. TCL UPCミュンヘン支部での途中経過 NEC v. TCL in UPC LD Munich
May 25 ドイツミュンヘン地裁InterDigital v. Lenovoで差止命令 InterDigital wins induction against Lenovo in Munich RC
May 20 北京市知識産権局SEPガイドブック発表 SEP guidebook from Beijing IP Office
May 11 (論考) LES-Japan SEPシリーズ米国編  SEP Licensing Playbook by Mr. Mauricio A. Uribe
May 6 ファーウエイ(華為)の好調な業績と動向 Huawei's strong performance and trends 
May 1 サムスンが中国大唐にミュンヘンでSEP敗訴 Victory for Datang over Samsung in Munich Court

April 26 韓国LGがSEP48件を中国OPPOに売却  LG sold 48 USP-SEP to OPPO
April 19 華為が大崎電気子会社EDMIにスマートメータライセンス供与 Huawei and EDMI inked global IoT SEP license agreement
April 15  インドでSEP重要判決 Ericsson v. Lava in Delhi High Court
April 5 プロテリアル(旧日立金属)中国判例解説 PROTERIAL (Former Hitachi Metals) Judgment of SPC
April 4 SEPグローバルワークショップ写真ニュース SEP Global Workshop photo news

The SEP Study Group, which started its activities in 2013, regularly holds group meetings to discuss global SEP movements among  experts from industry, governmental agencies, attorneys and academics in Japan.  The group is independently managed by 15 volunteer experts.


This website runs some advertisements in accordance with the requirement of Our group runs by members who volunteer their time and expertise. 

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