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SEPをめぐる動きは2021年に入りさらに活発になっています。欧州ではEUDG SEP Roundtable series, SEP関連判例、 大型事案Nokia v. Daimlerの決着、ドイツ特許法の改正などSEP関連の動きが早い。米国では新政権の下での独禁当局DOJ,FTCの新体制がいよいよ稼働しており目が話せない。一方中国ではSEPは中国の推し進めるグローバル戦略にとりきわめて重要な位置を占めるので、ガイドライン・施策や裁判所における禁訴令(ASI)などが着実に積み重ねられている。日本でもSEPの関連の動向は関係官庁(経産省、特許庁、総務省など)のイニシアチブで進められるが、世界のSEP動向の変化の速度に対応しきれているかは疑問。

The movement around SEP has become even more active in 2021.  In Europe there are EUDG SEP Roundtable Webinar series, Nokia/Daimler settlement, ASI/AASI in Germany and the revision of the German patent law. In US new antitrust agencies, DOJ and FTC ’s further move grab our attention. In China, as SEP plays important role for its global strategy, new rule/guide line and judicial decisions are being accumulated one after another for future.

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2021年7月号(July Issue)

July 15 (日本)特許行政年次報告書2021年版発表 JPO annual report announced

July 14 (日本)内閣府知的財産推進計画2021を決定  Japan IP Promotion Plan 2021 announced

July 12 (米国)競争環境強化への大統領令   Biden's Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy

July 7      (欧州) 欧州委員会 TRIPS協定に基づく、中国SEP判例への情報開示請求発出 EU requests for information to Chinsese SEP cases

July 5     (欧州)欧州委員会SEP Webinar(5回シリーズ)全文公開される EUDG-GROW SEP Webinar documents published


2021年6月号(June Issue)

June 28 (中国)Wi-Fi SEPのライセンスモデル研究報告書発表会 (北京)Chinese WiFi SEP licensing model report published on June 18 in Beijing

June 25 (欧州_解説)ドイツ特許法改正  New § 139 of the German Patent Act (Patentgesetz)

June 23  (欧州) 欧州委員会SEPウエビナー(第5回)発表資料公開 EC SEP Webinar series presentation and documents published

June 19  (中国)「反外国制裁法」を公布  Anti-foreign sanctions law promulgated

June 18  (中国)日立金属 中国「標準」事案(続報) Chinese Court 1st. Mandatory licensing for Essential Facility doctrine

June 15  (米国) 米国FTC委員長にリナ・カーン女史任命 Lina Khan named FTC chairwoman.

June 13 (解説)米国司法省と今後のSEP議論予測  DOJ Antitrust Division creeping back to 2015 position?

June 4  (欧州) ドイツ特許法改正案与党合意 注目の139条(自動差止条項)実質変更なし German patent law agreed among CDU/SPD

June 3   (中国) 日立金属 中国での標準事案に敗訴  Hitachi Metal lost  standard case in  China

June 1 (欧州) 速報 ノキアとダイムラー和解 Daimler settles connected car dispute with Nokia



The SEP Research Group, which started its activities in 2013, regularly holds a voluntary study group to discuss SEP movements among SEP related parties from industry, government, attorneys and academia in Japan.  The group activites are managed by 14 volunteers members.


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